Bad Days (and How to Cope)

Have you guys ever just had a really bad week?

I'm not sure if it's just the influx of work I've experienced over the past two weeks (19 credits is a lot, guys. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!), the gloomy weather, or if it's just me, but out of the past fourteen days, I think I've only had one good day. From bouncing from class to work to dance practice to homework to the gym, it's really taken a toll on me. When you're stuck in a rut, it's easy to trick yourself into believing that everything is bad and the world is out to get you - the victim card is the first one you play, and that kind of thinking can put you in a perpetual circle of negative energy and sadness.

While it's never easy to pick up a fallen morale and carry on with the day when nothing has been going right, it's important to try your best to make the most of it and look past all of the negativity. Even though the last two weeks as a whole have been rough, I've been employing a couple of tactics over the past few days and they've really helped my psyche.

January Favorites

This month has been a whirlwind for sure - from New Year's Day to now, it feels as though I simply haven't stopped. Here's a recap of all of the amazing things I've loved this month, from products to music to experiences - I hope you enjoy!

Bullet Journal Setup - Spring 2017

As mentioned in an earlier post, I keep a Bullet Journal for organizing my life activities! It has truly changed my productivity, and it gives me something to look forward to during my busy day.

If you're new to the concept of Bullet Journaling, check out Ryder Carroll's post & YouTube video on the official Bullet Journal website - that should give you a basic idea of the system. I think it's absolutely amazing that so many people have adopted this method, creating a massive online community full of people that Bullet Journal. When I'm in need of inspo, my favorite blogs to look at are Boho Berry and Pretty Prints & Paper, as well as Caitlin's Corner!

Anywho, my Bullet Journal setup varies slightly from Ryder Carroll's original method - I like to make my setup a little more elaborate, 1. Because it's therapeutic to practice my handwriting and use colored pencils, and 2. Because it's way more fun to open up a plan for the day when I know I designed it. Designs for my weekly spreads and different pages are constantly changing, but this is the setup I've settled on for the rest of the semester. I love it, and I hope you will too!

On Being "Filipino Enough"

Last night, I watched the 10th Annual Ms. PI pageant held by Rutgers Newark, a celebration of modern Filipino-American culture featuring representatives from colleges in District III of FIND, Inc., an organization designed to spread Fil-Am culture throughout higher education institutions across America. My god-sister and longtime family friend was the representative for my own college, and as I watched all of the Ms. PI contestants perform and speak on their heritage, a familiar sinking kind of feeling took place inside my stomach. It was shame.

Professional & Polished Interview Makeup

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links; I receive a small commission from Amazon for orders placed through those links, but this compensation does not affect the content of this post. All opinions are honest and 100% my own (for this post, and forever!) If you'd like to read more about my disclosure policy it can be found here

Interviews always give me the jitters - the idea of being judged by multiple potential employers is nerve-wrecking! In order to minimize the amount of impending nervousness that comes with an interview day, I like to plan everything out, even down to the makeup look I'll be doing for the day. Makeup makes me feel more confident and powerful every day, and interviews are no exception. I've developed an easy makeup look that gives me just enough confidence to carry myself through a long day of interviewing without giving me more to stress over.

There are a few keys to interview makeup that I think are essential to follow:

7 Things You Should Do During Syllabus Week

After a month at home with family and friends and no school, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things once classes start again. I know I've been having a hard time adjusting, and my classes don't even start until tomorrow! In an attempt to combat this "holiday hangover", I've made a list of 7 things that you can do the first week of the semester in order to get back into the groove (otherwise known as syllabus week).

My Go-To Beauty Products

Although I love makeup and the process of putting it on, I definitely love sleep a lot more. A LOT more. Therefore, I often find myself rushing through my daily makeup routine to get to my morning class or the office on time, and have come to trust a handful of beauty products to get a presentable makeup look in the shortest amount of time possible. These are the products that I swear by - if I am wearing makeup, you can guarantee that I'm wearing all of them!

Prepare for a New Semester!

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links; I receive a small commission from Amazon for orders placed through those links, but this compensation does not affect the content of this post. All opinions are honest and 100% my own (for this post, and forever!) If you'd like to read more about my disclosure policy it can be found here

Even though it feels like the winter break has just started, it's going to be time to go back to school before we know it! To prevent being blindsided by the inevitable work that comes with a new semester, here are five things you can do to ensure your best semester yet:

How to (Efficiently) Read Journal Articles! + FREE Printable Worksheet

If we are being honest, I think getting through a research project is one of those #relatablecollegethings that Buzzfeed always forgets to mention in their articles. Research is a "necessary evil" in any major and in many classes, but after drowning in articles during the past semester, I've found that it can actually be kind of fun and incredibly eye opening.

So, you've done a Google Scholar/PubMed (if you're in the medical field)/Library Database search and collected all the articles you want to read. Now what?

Work-Appropriate Lipstick for Medium Skin Tones!

As a self-proclaimed makeup addict, I LOVE lipstick. There's just something about putting on a great lip color on that makes me feel empowered and beautiful! Although I love wearing a bold red or a deep purple, I am always in need of nude shades to wear to work, presentations, and networking events. They are definitely the most versatile shades in my collection, and I find myself gravitating towards them even when I'm getting ready for a non-professional event.

After a year-long search of the perfect nude lipstick, I have not yet found one that I can call my "holy grail", but these come pretty close. These are my favorite nudes (both shade & formula), and they are perfect for any occasion, from Girls' Night to a day at work!